Will’s Guide To Ireland

As you can read through the blog I was just on a trip to Ireland. While I was there one day a thought came to me that I should do a Will’s Guide to Ireland post here on the blog. Making sure to include some of the small things I learned while over there that might assist someone else who wants to take a visit. These are in no particular order and are the top items I wished/happy to know about before our trip. Post in the comments if you have ever been to Ireland and have other items you would like to add.

  • Rental Car Insurance – The roads at times can be very narrow and the car can get scratched, in addition you are driving on the left side of the road while it was easy to learn and get the hang of some of the drivers over there go pretty fast. Plus if you end up having a wee fender bender you will be covered and can leave the country owing less than you would have. I rented from Avis and the rental insurance was about $250 additional and worth every penny
  • Cheap Washcloths – There was 1 hotel that provided two washcloths and another that provided 1. These are a rare commodity and are not provided at many hotels. Best idea if you want one of these bad boys is to buy a cheap pack from Wal-Mart that you do not mind leaving behind in the hotel trash each night
  • Water Bottle for Iron – If you like your clothes to be wrinkle free and use an iron at home that includes steam/water sprayer you will want to bring a small water bottle as the irons do not include any steam/water
  • Travel Converter – Remember you cannot just plug in your electronic devices like you do at home you need to get a travel converter. We found one on Amazon and it handled all of our electronic devices really well
  • Cell Phone – It is cheaper to buy a pre-paid sim card to slide into your phone than to roam using your carrier. I did the research and found that O2 was the best carrier however the prices were a bit steep. So I found a store chain called Tesco which sold a version of the O2 cell phone service but with more data. Yes I know I am a data hog. I had the store locked down right after the airport, purchased the cards and service and found out that they do not sell nano sims for the iPhone 5. Long story short we went with my second choice 3. For 20 Euro you get unlimited data (fair use 30GB so it was not really unlimited but thats another time). We took up 3 hours figuring this all out. So go with a plan and just purchase cell service from 3. It worked in almost every area we were at.
  • GPS – If you purchase cell phone service with a big enough data plan I recommend forgetting to use the GPS from the rental car company. We used Google Maps and outside of the last day trying to find the hotel had no issues what so every. It even speaks the directions to you and best part is its FREE!
  • Rain Coat – We were not sure given that they can have rain if we would need one or not. I am glad we ended up packing it. Because some of the rain we had lasted a while and without this we would have been fully drenched instead of partially drenched
  • Laundry – Make sure to bring enough clothes for the entire trip or make sure that you stay in 1 place longer than 1 night. Same day service is hard to come by and must be dropped off rather early. This will hinder any sightseeing plans you may have. So make sure to plan accordingly
  • Stuff closes at 6PM – Yes you read that right. I am not sure if its because we went right before tourist season on not but everything closed at 6PM except for restaurants and pubs(bars). And many of the restaurants were in the pubs. All of the sightseeing items you may want to do are closed by 6. The malls close every day at 6, and all stores close every day at 6. So plan on not doing much in your evenings except for eating and if you drink maybe grabbing a few. Other than that you will end up relaxing and most likely going to bed early from boredom

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