Year in Review 2016

WOW its hard to believe its almost 2017! This year has had a lot of thing that have happened some good, great, and sad.

January – 

We welcomed in 2016 out at the Worldmark Indio resort with Jan and Becca. We even got to go visit Disneyland during for the first time in 2016. Little did we know at the time that January would also be the last time that we got to visit with Grandma Jeffery outside of the hospital before she passed away. We boarded an Alaskan Airlines jet from Ontario and headed up to Portland Oregon. We got to visit with Grandma and Uncle Stan at our hotel and enjoyed an amazing Mexican lunch at La Costa Mexican Restaurant in Vancouver Washington. While there we got to go bowling, Grandma even got out there with the help of Uncle Stan. It was a great time, we also went and saw a movie Dirty Grandpa, Grandma seemed to enjoy the movie it was full of laughs. Then our short trip was over and we had to head back home to California.

February – 

February started off awesome with a little drawing from Little Maria of Disney. It was awesome!! In February we also go to go Sedona Arizona over the Valentine’s and President’s Day weekend. While in Sedona we stayed at the Wyndham resort. Some of the sights we got to see while in Sedona were the Tuzigoot National Monument, and Montazuma’s Castle National Monument. We made a stop at the Javalina Cantina for some grub. On Valentine’s Day we took a walk through some of the awesome scenery of Sedona. Also in February we went to Disneyland and got to enjoy AP days.

March –

As I said there were some good events in 2016 and some very sad events. This month was a pretty sad month, Grandma Jeffery became ill with an infection and was hospitalized. During the stay we got to video chat with her and could tell it was imperative that we got up there to see her, so we booked some flights and rushed up to Washington. It was a good thing that we did because had we been a bit later she wouldn’t have known we made it up. So thankful that we got Mom up there while Grandma was able to know she was there. On St Patrick’s day early in the morning Grandma Jeffery passed away. It was a rough week. While up in Washington I put together and slide show for Mom and the family with photos to remember Grandma Jeffery with. We also got to go to dinner as a family and be their as a family together and celebrate Grandma Jeffery and all of the fun times we got to have with her. We also had a BBQ dinner at Uncle Stan’s with the family as well. After the rough week the family decided to spend the day at the Portland Zoo. We got some photos of the family and animals. Before heading home we enjoyed lunch with Uncle Stan and Aunt Cindy at La Costa before we headed off to the airport to head home. Upon arriving home we were welcomed home by Brian along with my blog cards. In March I also went to Pieology for the very first time! If you have not been able to go and have one in your area its so worth going. Its very delish pizza! To finalize the month of March we went to Disneyland and started to eat at Rainforest Cafe as a somewhat regular item in our Disneyland evening dinner rotation.

April –

One of the first events of April was a team lunch at Frank’s RV. Checkout Frank with his awesome BBQ skills. One weekend we went down to Oceanside and stayed at the Wyndham Oceanside Pier. This resort is amazing, but there was one hiccup and that was the fire alarm going off the first evening we were there. One of the evenings we walked down to the Oceanside Pier to watch the sunset. While in the San Diego area we went and saw the Old Point Loma Light House and the Point Loma Tide Pools. April was the first month that I got a Loot Crate and did my first Loot Crate Unboxing video. Last but not least in April we went and stayed at the Worldmark Big Bear. While there we got to see an amazing sunset over Big Bear Lake and even got some snow!

May –

May started off with us driving home from our weekend up in Big Bear. On May 4 we went and celebrated my brother’s birthday at El Torito. Found out that one of the Best Westerns we normally stay at down in Anaheim started giving away free breakfasts at the Denny’s next door. Got to spend some time down at Disneyland and took some photos of the Paint the Night Parade and also some videos of Paint the Night. We also treated mother to a nice mother’s day meal at Claim Jumper. We also went out to the Worldmark Indio to celebrate my Brother’s birthday with our aunt and her family. We also saw a slow speed police chase in Loma Linda. We finished off the month going to Disneyland and then Universal Studios, while at Universal Studios we took the VIP Experience Tour. It was pretty cool!

June –

We started off summer what I felt kind of early with 108 degree weather in the first part of June. We spend some time down at Disneyland again in June and for the first time went and had dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen. We got to try lots of amazing food! We had another hot day in June and got up to 113 degrees. I purchased a new BBQ for my annual 4th of July Party! We ended the month of June having to stay in hotels while our house got an entire re-pipe. The last week of June I made the decision to start a diet.

July –

I started July 1 off by ordering a 3D printer. It was also that time of year for my annual 4th of July party and we went and gone tones of fireworks for the party. Here is another great view of all of the fireworks. Then 4th of July came and we started to BBQ and I got to enjoy some awesome food! Later that evening we got to enjoy some awesome fireworks! Shortly after the 4th of July I got my 3d Printer and created an unboxing video. The first successful item that I printed as a 3D Yoda. Got mom her birthday and early Christmas present – check it out! I don’t want to spoil the surprise so checkout the previous like.. Go ahead you know you want to see what she got! We also donated my old truck, it was a good truck I got that back in July of 2002 right before my senior year in high school. Went to Disneyland and got some photos with the Cars Fire Engine. To finish of the month of July we enjoyed a nice time down at the Worldmark Indio again.

August –

August was a busy month at work with several things going on so we didn’t do too much. We did start the month off with gas down to $2.199 a gallon. Had another birthday and got some awesome presents from mom and bro. Went to Disneyland and took some more photos. While there we saw a custodian making a Mickey out of leaves. Speaking of Mickey Mouse I was able to take some photos with the guy. We ended the month off with a power outage.

September –

In September we took the Holiday weekend and drove to Arizona. We ended up staying at the Worldmark Rancho Vistoso. While there we went to Kartchner Caverns. I would have taken more photos if they would have allowed us. They get a 3 out of 5 starts because of that. In addition to the cave we also spent some time at the Pima Air and Space Museum. This place was amazing! Checkout all of the photos we took while there! In September I also woke up to order the new iPhone 7 and had an ordering issue and had to call so I didn’t get the phone on release day 🙁 . We also saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and also went to Disneyland. We took some photos with Halloween Goofy. Last but not least we went out to Indio and stayed at the Worldmark Indio and celebrated Aunt Jan’s bday.

October –

October was another busy month with work. I was over in Moreno Valley a lot and went to eat at a few places. The first being Tio’s Tacos. It was a whole in the wall and I would never go back, good food but just not good enough to want to go back. We also went to Ojo De Agua, their food was 1000% times better than Tio’s Tacos. I achieved the #2 spot in Loma Linda on Trip Advisor reviews. We got to go to Disneyland again in October. One evening while down there we went to Rainforest Cafe. After we went to Disneyland and enjoyed all of the Halloween items, including the Haunted Mansion Holiday. We finished off the visit with some Disneyland Fireworks! For one of my last few classes I had to take a CPR class. I passed! We ended the month one weekend out at the Worldmark Indio to celebrate Becca’s birthday and had a nice bday dinner at La Casita. October was the first time I let folks really know that I was on a diet.

November –

We started November off at Disneyland. We at lunch in the park and the headed over to see Frozen. While in California Adventure Park we took some photos near the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel. We also took several photos Saturday night as well. On election day I had to go for Jury Duty. While at Jury Duty I won an office raffle. During the month of November Best Western was doing a celebration and I got lots of free goodies throughout the month. We also went for a second time to Disneyland before we headed off for Thanksgiving. We got to see Its a Small World Holiday. Created my first before and after photo where I was down 40.2lbs. Experienced Verizon Data Gate twice in November. Then we headed off to Colorado for our Thanksgiving. The first stop was to drive to St George Utah. Took some photos along the way. We stayed at the Best Western Abbey Inn. If you are ever in St. George and need a hotel I highly recommend this place. The next day we drove to Colorado and stayed at the Best Western Grande River Inn & Suites. Got to see gas in Clifton Colorado down to $1.969 a gallon. We finally made it to the Worldmark Granby and got to check into our 3 bedroom casita. It was amazing! Checkout the video tour. It snowed and we got to take a walk and got some amazing photos! We also enjoyed the private hot tub several times during out stay. Turkey day came and we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal. We ended the evening off with a Winter Sleigh Ride. So sad the next day we had to start the drive home. I ended the month off by losing 10% of my body weight!

December –

I was finally able to say that Verizon Wireless fixed their data reporting issue on my account. I got to enjoy my first T-Mobile thank you Tuesday and got a free share of T-Mobile stock. I picked up my cap and gown graduation. I also reached 1000 videos uploaded to YouTube. Enjoyed an awesome lunch at Shakey’s Pizza with folks from the office. The big night came and it was graduation time. Spent some time after the graduation at Disneyland celebrating. Shortly after Disneyland I got an email to purchase my graduation photos. I got some awesome coworkers who got me a cake and balloons to celebrate my graduation. We went out to the Worldmark Indio for Christmas weekend. Enjoyed a nice dinner at Red Robin. Mom decked out the room with lots of Christmas goodies. We opened Christmas presents at the Worldmark Indio and then cooked a turkey to take over to Aunt Jan’s. We got to open presents. The Monday after Christmas I got on the scale and found out I lost over 50lbs! I ordered and installed my new Kuna Lights. Now that takes us to this weekend. We are staying at the Worldmark Indio again for New Years weekend! This layout of the room is pretty cool.

Here is to 2017!

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