Saturday Lunch – Oatmeal Feb 17, 2018

I haven’t had oatmeal in years! Mostly because of the points. But today I had planned for points this evening for dinner and have enough points for breakfast that I could splurge and use 10 points at lunch on oatmeal and even some sugar for it. Its been so long since I have made it that it ended up a little thicker but it was still very delish.

Breakfast Feb 17, 2018

Didn’t have any veggie meats but still enjoyed a delish 8 point breakfast. I love Weight Watchers. I get to eat what I want and still change my lifestyle in the process.

Delish El Torito Lunch Feb 16, 2018

Enjoyed a delish lunch at El Torito today with Mom. Yummy!! 

3 Years Ago Before & After Photos

So gotta love Facebook bringing back memories from the past. The photo on the left of each of these before and after photos was taken exactly 3 years ago from today. The photos on the right were taken today. I took two different photos in different spots to show you guys the difference. 104lbs down in these photos!! Thank you to Weight Watchers!