Monthly Data Usage – Over 210GB Family Plan Data Usage

Guess what my family plan has hit our all time record and I have hit my all time record as well. First the family plan it used over 210GB! Can you believe that!

My usage between my two phones was around 190GB of data usage. Yes it was here you go! As you can see a little over 190GB was used between my iPhone X and Pixel.

Saturday Lunch – Oatmeal Feb 17, 2018

I haven’t had oatmeal in years! Mostly because of the points. But today I had planned for points this evening for dinner and have enough points for breakfast that I could splurge and use 10 points at lunch on oatmeal and even some sugar for it. Its been so long since I have made it that it ended up a little thicker but it was still very delish.

Breakfast Feb 17, 2018

Didn’t have any veggie meats but still enjoyed a delish 8 point breakfast. I love Weight Watchers. I get to eat what I want and still change my lifestyle in the process.

Delish El Torito Lunch Feb 16, 2018

Enjoyed a delish lunch at El Torito today with Mom. Yummy!!