AMC Dine In Experience – Food Was Cold March 2019

Because of timing this evening I wasn’t able or didn’t have the opportunity to go grab dinner before our movie. I ended up taking the opportunity to use the AMC dine in movie experience this evening and the food was cold! I was a little bit disappointed in the food being cold considering it’s called a dining experience. The service was great! But again the food was cold. This was great from a convenience standpoint but it’s not something that I would do on a regular basis. And it ends up being more costly and the food wasn’t as good as you could get elsewhere. It was also very difficult to eat the food the tables were pretty high which would probably normally be nice but with my nachos which are in the picture below it was a little bit difficult to actually eat it.

Sorry that the photo is low light the food came after the previews started. So there you have it if you’re ever thinking about doing the AMC dine in experience you’ll know what to expect.