Wrapping up 2014 – Ringing in 2015

My mom has been seeing all of these year end wrap ups on Facebook and decided to do one for her blog. Loving the her idea (yes I copied her) I thought it would be cool to do one as well. So checkout my year wrap up below!

January – I would say the main highlight of this month was that we went up to Washington and got to visit with family. I do not know about you but family is rather important. williambacky.com/2014/01/

February – Brought the count down for Ireland into the 60 day range. In addition we went to Disneyland one of the many times we have been lucky enough to go this year! williambacky.com/2014/02/

March – Man the count down to Ireland is becoming a reality here. I was posting with more frequency the count downs. In addition to the count downs we had a 5.1 earthquake in Southern California. What a month! williambacky.com/2014/03/

April – Well this was the month. We got to go to Ireland!!! Mom finally got her Christmas present from 2013 and I got to drive on the right side of the car while on the left side of the road! We had a wee fender bender in Ireland and man was I happy I purchased the additional rental car insurance. It was far less than what we would have paid. williambacky.com/2014/04/.

May – Was the month in which I got all of my Ireland trip videos and photos uploaded. It was difficult as it usually is when you are not on the Verizon Wireless network with 4G LTE speeds to upload from your phone or hotel internet. So it had to wait until we got back home. This was also the month for Mother’s day. As usual my brother and I took our mom our for a nice lunch at one of her favorite places for her always favorite Clucks and Fries. Oh and we got bottomless rootbeer floats! williambacky.com/2014/05/

June – Wow this was a packed month! My cousin Becca graduated from High School! Wow how time does fly. I remember going to the hospital when she was born. Now she is off to college! So proud of her! June also brings fathers day. As usual we celebrate it for my Grandpa at one of his favorite places. Chuck E Cheese! Yes you read that correctly. Also spending time at Disneyland in between planning for my annual 4th of July party! Yes all of the firework! That countdown began! williambacky.com/2014/06/

July – This is one of my favorite times of the year! Why you may ask? The answer is simple because we have 4th of July! Not only do we get to celebrate the Independence and Freedoms that we get to enjoy as Americans but we also get to do fireworks! Yes, any of you who are lucky enough to secure an invite to my ultra exclusive 4th of July party know how much fun happens after the sun goes down! My mom’s birthday is also in July and we stayed at the Worldmark Indio Resort and got to play a good game of Apples to Apples with my Aunt, Cousin, and Uncle! Yes I got it on video for anyone who enjoys watching our games! williambacky.com/2014/07/

August – I guess I cannot say more about August other than it is the best month of the year! Why? Because its the month in which I was born. This year marked my 30th birthday! Wow hard to believe it has been 30 years already! But its been a great 30! Here is to 30+ more! We also have many other family members birthday’s during the month of August. We got to celebrate Grandma Jeffery’s and Edan’s birthdays in the park and went out for a nice family dinner after. After all that we got to end the month with a trip to Disneyland on Labor Day weekend! Wow, what a packed month! williambacky.com/2014/08/

September – Was the month of waiting for the timeshares to close! Thats right I purchased a Worldmark and another Wyndham timeshare and had to wait for them to close title so I could start booking some vacations! Which they finally did and who knew it would be the start of an EPIC end to the year with non stop fun on the weekends! And spending time with my Aunt Jan for her birthday! williambacky.com/2014/09/

October – We got to use the Worldmark timeshare for the very first time this month! We got to spend an evening at Big Bear California! Loved it! We also went to Disneyland and spent some time out at the Worldmark Indio Resort. While there we visited with my Aunt and went to Joshua Tree. williambacky.com/2014/10/

November – This is the month of being Thankful! I am so thankful for my family and a job that allows me to enjoy life after work! One that affords me the ability to travel and see the world. During the month of November we did our annual Thanksgiving meal with my Aunt, her family, Grandpa, and of course my Uncle Jon. In addition we did our annual Mom and Bro Thanksgiving just the three of us. Also completing a huge project at work, traveling to St George Utah to see Zion National Park and scope out the lay of the land for Christmas! Oh and I almost forgot we sneaked a trip to Disneyland in here too! williambacky.com/2014/11/

December – This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! This is the month we got to spend a week in St George Utah and visiting many of the National Parks Utah has to offer (Zion, Bryce, Dixie National Forest, Kolob Canyons, and more). Spending an evening at Disneyland and enjoying all of the holiday decorations, spending time with both sides of the family for Christmas activities and getting to count down the new year! williambacky.com/2014/12/

WOW! What an amazing year! Here is to our first mini vacation tomorrow! We are heading off to Sedona Arizona! Man I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings!

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