My 2015 Recap – What a Year!

So keeping in with the tradition of last year I figured I would post a recap of what 2015 was like. I would say this was by far the best year ever for traveling. Without giving too much away I’ll share all the details month by month below.. WOW! This is a long long post, but I hope you all enjoy my recap!

January –

Well this was the start of 2015 and we started it off with a bang. We celebrated and stayed up until the new year and then got up really early with only a few hours of sleep and headed off to Sedona, Arizona. Where we were greeted with snow. What a great start to a new year. To see some amazing photos I took while in Sedona Click Here. While there we got to see the sites along with Montezuma Castle National Monument.  After the first weekend visit to Sedona we got to go to Yosemite and stayed at the Worldmark Bass Lake. In addition to just the two spots I celebrated 3 years of blogging. One of the nice things we started to see was the lower gas prices. When I took a photo it was as low as $2.259. Which for those that are planning on doing tones of traveling is very nice! With all of the traveling I started the month off with a huge record of data usage with almost 134GB used. Yes that is GB not MB. Then for our next trip I purchased my Ford Escape and we headed down to the Worldmark Resort in Oceanside California for a quick weekend getaway. While down in Oceanside took a quick day trip down to the San Diego Zoo. On top of that we were able to make a quick trip down to Disneyland. WOW looking back we sure did a lot the first month of the year. To view everything we did – click here.

February –

During the month of February we saw the gas prices drop to $2.289 a gallon. We racked up 1000 miles on my new Ford Escape on the way to Arizona for Presidents Day Weekend. While in Arizona we got to visit several National Parks and Monuments. The first of them being the Grand Canyon. While in Arizona we stayed at the Wyndham Flagstaff resort. And took the long hike around Walnut Canyon in the morning and drove around Sunset Crater in the afternoon. While on the Sunset Crater drive we got to see several indian cliff dwellings at Wupatki National Monument. Another weekend we went down to Disneyland and got to stay at the WorldMark Anaheim resort and spent the evening down at Disneyland. The most exciting thing that happened this month was I hit my 1000th Blog Post!

March –

On March 1st I celebrated my 1000th blog post. Got to visit Disneyland another time and we saw Olaf in the Disney Frozen area. And used my GoPro on California Screaming. Another weekend we got to visit the Wyndham Oceanside and spent the weekend in a nice ocean front resort room. While in Oceanside we got to see some amazing sunsets and walked the Oceanside Pier. We also got to take a second road trip up to Washington for a long weekend to visit my Grandma. We stopped on the way in Mt Shasta and stayed the night. Checkout the amazing mountain photos we got to take! While in Washington we got to enjoy a nice dinner at Red Robin with family, got to see the Vista House and waterfalls. We also had an awesome Pizza Party at our hotel and got to see my new second cousin Noelle. Then the weekend was over so quickly and we started to head back home. At at one of the worst Mexican Food places Ive been too Casa Ramos.

April –

For the month of April I did tons of posts where I moved over all my photos to my blog. So I am only going to highlight a few items from April. In April we got to go up and visit Grandma again. This type we got on a plane at Ontario Airport and headed up to Portland. Our flight was a bit delayed, but then we finally got to board the plane. While in Washington we got to visit with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncle. We enjoyed a nice dinner at La Costa Mexican Restaurant which was only one of the times for 2015. We also celebrated Uncle Stan’s Birthday and Mother’s Day with Grandma. Since we were so close I had to check out Voodoo Doughnuts. We also went to an air museum and got to see the spruce goose. Before we said goodbye to everyone we enjoyed another meal at Red Robin. At the Airport we enjoyed a nice dinner before getting on the plane at Stanford’s. They had the best pizza! I just loved the sauce! Cannot wait to eat it again when we head up in January. One day at Lunch my work crew and I went to Fire House Subs in Loma Linda. It was YUCK!

May –

What another packed month. We started it off with a Cinco De Mayo potluck at work and I enjoyed some amazing rice! I started to do the 100 days left count down for our road trip! We even celebrated Brian’s Bday at El Torito on Cico De Mayo. Spend a weekend down in Oceanside at the Worldmark resort. Enjoyed another amazing sunset! While in Oceanside we took another trip to the San Diego Zoo. Reached the 90 day countdown for our EPIC road trip! Started to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary and enjoyed some amazing fireworks! That was just one of the weekends we went down to Disneyland. We went another time and enjoyed some awesome Round Table Pizza before taking some awesome GoPro video of California Screaming where it was actually light outside.We also celebrated Brian and Karina’s birthday down at Aunt Jan’s. And went a third time to Disneyland, this time we did a dinner at got front show seats or standing room for World of Color the 60th Celebration. The next day I went to Disneyland and GoPro’d it for a bit.

June –

Started the month off with a 70 day countdown to our EPIC road trip! Mom drove my new car for the first time in a parking log. We spend another evening down at Disneyland celebrating the 60th Anniversary. Saw Goofy posing with my GoPro. I started a ride list of Disneyland stuff we had done, which I never really kept up. We got to see Paint the Night for the first time. I racked up 7500 miles on my Ford Escape. Started to think about each day of the road trip. Plotted and shared with everyone all the awesome goodness. We celebrated father’s day for Grandpa at Chuck E Cheese. We had huge fires in the San Bernardino National Forest. Went to Disneyland again and enjoyed another World of Color Experience. And got to meet up with a cuz and his girlfriend who just happened to be at Disneyland as well and saw my post. Rode a few ride together aka Splash Mountain. We also go to the 50 day count down to our EPIC road trip! Last but not least we got ready for 4th of July. From which I spent just a bit over $1000 in fireworks for the party! You really should checkout the link to all the fireworks!

July –

We started the month off with a nice BBQ at work. And started prepping for my annual 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks show. As always we had an awesome time with good food and we got to visit with family and friends. We played with fuse this year and it wasnt like what we really though… So we lit a whole fuse up and this is what happened. This year I played around with live broadcasting my firework show from an iPhone app. I will be doing youtube next year. But it was pretty cool to have almost 300 folks check out our show, plus the neighbors that always has someone over to see our stuff. I used my GoPro this year to record the fireworks, I will end up using my new iPhone 6S next year because I am sure I will get better quality video at the 4K, do not worry I will also broadcast for my cuz who will no longer be able to join us since he is moving out of state with his soon to be wife. We even set off a car alarm with some of the fireworks.. Too funny! We got to make another tip to Disneyland and see this beauty! I also go to to get my picture with Minnie Mouse.. She’s a cutie! Mickey you better worry! I used my GoPro to capture the Disneyland fireworks. And we enjoyed some Dole Whip! We also got a summer thunderstorm which was very short lived, but we enjoyed because we saw rain which has not happened in forever! We celebrated my Mom’s Bday with family and broadcast live a game of Apples to Apples on youtube. We took yet another trip to Disneyland and I got Mom’s Score on Buzz Lightyear! Took some GoPro video of California Screaming! And went yet another time to Disneyland where it was sorta wet, but nice! On July 25th we got to the 20 day count down to our EPIC road trip!

August –

We got to start off August 1st with an amazing sunset! What a nice way to start off what would be the most EPIC month of the year! No not because it was my birthday, but that was an added bonus. We got to play some apples to apples when we visit with my family to celebrate my bday and yes I broadcast it live again! On August 4 we got to go to our 10 day count down, which was really hard to focus because I was going to be off work for the remainder of the month yes we were gone for 18 days! We got to celebrate my bday at work before we left for our EPIC road trip! I got to enjoy an awesome home cooked breakfast from my mom on my actual birthday and a nice dinner our at El Torito! So the road trip reached the 5 day count down and I actually started to pack. Which is very unusual for me. Then on August 14 we started our road trip! We drove all the way from home to St George Utah where we stayed for the night, we made great time and enjoyed a nice dinner at Peppers Cantina in St George Utah. I was able to capture some awesome live broadcasting while on day 1.We spent the evening at the Best Western Travel Inn. Day 2 of our road trip was to Blackfoot Idaho. Where you guessed it we stayed at the Best Western Blackfoot Idaho. I racked up so many Best Western points with this trip it got me some free stays for Disneyland later on this year! While in Blackfoot Idaho we got to see the World Famous Potato Museum with the world’s largest Pringles Chip. We picked up some potato goodies and tried them out. Then went and saw an amazing sunset in Blackfoot Idaho. I even got a few live broadcasts from day 2 of our road trip. Day 3 we got to go through the Grand Titon National Park the first half of the day and the last half of the day we got to see Yellowstone and Old Faithful. We spent a few nights at the Best Western Mammoth Hot Springs. There was not much to eat so the first evening we at at K-Bar Pizza. The next day – day 4 of our road trip we got to spend the entire day in Yellowstone, where we even got to see tones of bison! For dinner we ate at the Cowboy Lodge and Grill. Day 5 of the road trip was broken into two parts the first half going to Yellowstone and the second driving to Missoula Montana where we were spending the night at the Best Western Grant Creek Inn. While there we got a call from Uncle Stan who just so happened to be in the same area! I know right! What are the odds? So we enjoyed a dinner at Denny’s with him. Day 6 of our road trip was driving from Missoula to Spokane Washington, where we spent 2 nights at the Best Western Peppertree Inn. While in Spokane we got to spend the evening with Grandma and Eden for their birthdays, and we got to see my cuz James and his family. We also go to go and visit the Crystal Gold Mine in Kelloge Idaho. Then we got to go to our first visit to a Golden Corral. Day 8 of our road trip we started the trek up into Canada, we stopped and grabbed lunch at a Denny’s just across the boarder an hour or two. Then we finally made it to the Worldmark Banff-Canmore resort and got an awesome view of the 3 sisters mountain range. We grabbed dinner the first night at Craigs Weigh Station. Our first full day in Canada we got to take a lake cruise, got to take a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain, and finished the day off with a nice dinner at Patrino’s Steak House & Pub. The next day we took a very long drive to the Columbia Icefield where we got to go up on the glacier where I had been when I was about 6 years old. While their we got to go on the glacier skywalk. Day 11 we start our way back to the USA. We stop for the night in Spokane again and stay at the Best Western Peppertree Inn. Day 12 we get up really early and make the drive down to Vancouver Washington. Where we end up meeting up with family and having a nice dinner at La Costa. We stayed several nights at the Best Western Vancouver Mall. We got to have an amazing Pizza Party at my most favorite pizza place Round Table with all of the family. We celebrated Grandma and Eden’s bday again down in Vancouver. Day 15 we headed down to Mt Shasta and stayed at the Best Western Tree House. This was the start of my what I think was the worst case of food poisoning ever! Day 16 we drove to Mammoth, and today was the worst day of the food poisoning and Mom had to drive I was in sooooo much pain in my stomach. I am just so thankful we made it to the hotel safe with no issues or having to stop all the time. Brian got mad at me while at the hotel but hey I wasn’t feeling well. We stayed the night at the Best Western Plus High Sierra Hotel Mammoth Lakes. Then we drove home and I uploaded several of the remaining videos.

September –

Disneyland started to deck out the park for Halloween, and yes we went! We made sure to go on the Haunted Mansion Holiday, and I even got some video of it too! And we got to go on Ghost Galaxy! Later on in the month we got to celebrate my coworkers daughter Quince! Yes we went to Disneyland yet again! We got to see the Frozen Sing a Long. and closed out this very short monthly recap with a lunar eclipse.

October –

On October 4 we reached 15,000 miles on my new Ford Escape. Yes the one that I got at the beginning of the year! It was all of the stuff we have been doing over the year! We got to enjoy a bit more rain this month as well. Got to see an amazing sunrise. Had the joys of dealing with a broken into community mailbox. And you guessed it we got to go to Disneyland again! I got to enjoy my first Pieology pizza and got a free pizza on them. Had a thunderstorm. We got to spend the weekend at the WorldMark Indio resort! Got to go to Disneyland a second time in October and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Enjoyed a Panda cupcake at work for someone’s birthday. Then another day at work enjoyed some awesome breakfast burritos. Then ended the month and Halloween with a bang at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party!

November –

Finally got a chance to post all the loot I got from the Mickey’s Halloween Party, the paint the night video, and the Disneyland Halloween Fireworks show. The first weekend in November we got to go to Oceanside California where we just relaxed and didn’t do much. We stayed at the Worldmark Oceanside, and enjoyed an awesome sunset! The following weekend went go to go to Disneyland which was the only time in the month of November 🙁 We ate at the Rainforest Cafe again. Got to see Its a Small World Holiday, fireworks, The Its A Small World Light Show, took a video of Its a Small World Holiday, and a video of the Disneyland Fireworks! Then the following weekend right before Thanksgiving we headed off to Colorado for the week. We stayed the first night in Flagstaff at the Best Western Flagstaff. The next day we drove to Pagosa Springs Colorado and stayed at the Wyndham Pagosa Springs. On the way we got to go to 4 Corners, and Monument Valley. We enjoyed a really nice relaxing week, got to play in the snow several times, saw the town of Pagosa Springs, had snow, and enjoyed a nice turkey day. Saw my Ford Escape covered in snow. Created a snowman. Got my window cracked. Stopped in Sedona on the way home. Enjoyed a nice dinner at Javalina’s Cantina and grabbed some Sedona Fudge for dessert.

December –

We went to Disneyland and go to see the Holiday World of Color, I got some amazing photos and videos of World of Color using my new iPhone 6S and 4K video. We enjoyed a nice Christmas at home and at my aunts house. And are going to finish off the year out at the Wyndham Indio with some family ringing in the new year!

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