Set Sail on the Mesmerizing Disney Treasure: A Sneak Peek into My Upcoming Adventure in January 2025


Embarking on a magical voyage has always been a dream etched in every Disney enthusiast’s heart. Come January 2025, I am thrilled to announce that I will be living this dream aboard the enchanting Disney Treasure. The newest gem in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure is a promise of whimsical adventures on the high seas. And before I set sail on this dreamy voyage, let me whisk you away on a virtual tour of this majestic ship, unveiling the treasures that await!

The Whimsical World of Disney Treasure

Scheduled to debut in December 2024, the Disney Treasure is the epitome of whimsical storytelling merged with state-of-the-art cruising luxury. With a gross tonnage of 144,000, this Wish-class vessel is under meticulous construction at the revered Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. The ship’s maiden voyage will unravel a 7-night itinerary to the enchanting realms of the Eastern and Western Caribbean, commencing a new era of sea adventures with a touch of Disney magic.

A Grand Welcome Awaits

As you step onto the Disney Treasure, the Grand Hall unfolds an inviting ambiance reminiscent of Agrabah from Disney’s “Aladdin.” This grandeur entry sets the tone for an enthralling journey filled with entertainment, camaraderie, and the essence of Disney’s timeless tales.

Dive into Unique Attractions

Among the ship’s crowning attractions is the AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg, an immersive experience bringing cruisers into the jovial world of Disney animated shorts. This whimsical ride, centered around Mickey and Minnie’s quest for treasure in an ancient temple, offers a fun-filled adventure through 760 feet of winding tubes.

Dine in Disney-Pixar Themed Eateries

The Disney Treasure enchants with entertainment-rich eateries like Plaza de Coco and Jumbeaux’s Sweets, themed to Disney’s “Coco” and “Zootopia” respectively. These novel dining experiences promise a blend of culinary delights and visual entertainment, catering to both the young and young at heart.

A Luxurious Abode at Sea

With 1,256 staterooms including luxury suites inspired by Disney’s classic tales, the accommodations on board are a haven of comfort and Disney magic. The staterooms, designed with families in mind, offer connecting doors, making it a perfect choice for a family getaway.

The Curtain Rises for Live Entertainment

The Walt Disney Theatre on board will roll out the red carpet for spectacular theatrical productions such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure.” Moreover, the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party on the upper decks is bound to make the nights at sea as lively as the days.

My Adventure on the Horizon

As the days draw nearer to January 2025, the excitement bubbles up for the upcoming adventure on the Disney Treasure. The anticipation of exploring the many wonders onboard and soaking in the Disney magic at sea is a dream inching closer to reality. Stay tuned as I share more updates and eventually, the many tales from this magical voyage!

The Disney Treasure is not just a cruise; it’s a narrative that sails through the heart of every Disney aficionado. And as I count the days to my own adventure, the allure of the Disney Treasure beckons to all, promising a cruise laden with magical moments and Disney’s storytelling genius.